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But it’s HOT out!

Well summer is here in full swing which places many motorcyclists in the dilemma of choosing a proper protective riding jacket. I know their are triple digits out there, but we still need to ride fully protected or our skin will end up looking like the soil above or worse!! There are many great choices of gear for summer riding and I’m going to link a few here for those of you that are still riding on the fence about gear.

My all time favorite jacket is still my Firstgear Contour Mesh jacket, but I see that they have a new version that can be found here on This is an updated version of my same jacket and they have made it in hi-vis as well. These jackets are properly sized for women and have a nice contour fit to them defining a female figure. I would simply buy the size you wear in other jackets and I’m certain this will fit well. It’s was always my jacket of choice until I bought my Olympia Women’s Airglide Jacket. I have version 3 of this jacket and you can still find them on ebay for amazing prices. So, don’t worry about pricing.

You may notice that the jackets I have highlighted are both Hi-Vis. There is a reason for this. No, I don’t love looking like a 4th of July fire cracker, but I love being seen and it’s proven all around in nearly every industry that Hi-Vis is seen! Why do you think all highway workers are now wearing them? Anyway, I certainly notice how the seas will part when I’m lane splitting with my Olympia over my Firstgear mesh, which is black.

Firstgear Mesh

Olympia Mesh

For those that are more petite, Rev’it makes the wonderful Women’s Airwave jacket. This jacket does not come in Hi-Vis, however it does come in white and an outstanding black and white. Check it out.

Rev’it Mesh

All these makers that I have mentioned also have pants that are mesh and breathable. I prefer having both pieces match, so that I can zip the two together when touring. I have both Olympia and Firstgear pants and LOVE LOVE LOVE both!!

So, don’t, seriously just don’t leave home without first gearing up and by this I mean on EVERY ride. Why take a chance. It’s a jungle out there, which distracted drivers doing everything from eating lunch to scolding the kids while texting. I am absolutely religious about gearing up for every ride!

On another note, STAY HYDRATED too. I have a camelbak, but whatever you do, have water with you at all times or stop often enough to gulp down something to keep your hydration levels up. I know that unless I keep drinking, I get fatigued easily and a bit spacey. Not a good way to ride a motorcycle.

So, to sum up…gear up and hydrate up and enjoy your summer ride!!

Moi sportin’ my Olympia…see, you can still look damn sexy and be protected!! I do need to cover my leggings… 😉