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A little slice of Americana WA/ID…warning no motorcycles in this post, just beautiful country!!

I took a trip with my mom and best friend to a family wedding in Idaho. We took our time and stayed in a beautifully scenic place in Washington, called Dayton. It’s an old historic town with one of the oldest original standing train depots. We had a blast in this place and could have spend a lot more time there.

We were housed overnight in a lovely old hotel called the Weinhard Hotel. It’s a beautifully kept and restored in regal antique fashion. Every room is laden with history in the furnishings. It’s not a large place, but very well priced including a small but lovely continental breakfast. Also of note, are the amazing sheets. I don’t think I have ever slept on anything so soft!

Here’s Dayton, WA
Our room with Karetta, my pal reflected in the mirror.

The colorful halls in the hotel.

A love outdoor roof top garden at the Weinhard. Sadly there was intermittent rain, but it was lovely just the same.

The town is famous for wine bars, but we decided we wanted a “real” drink. So, Karetta who is both cute and forceful went into the Eagles Lodge to see if they accepted guests. We were cordially invited to hang out there and had a GREAT time! We ate dinner there too!

The train depot

My mom, Karetta and a very nice tribute to the train conductor.

One of the many gorgeous houses in Dayton, WA

Wind generators

Amazing sky on the day we left Dayton bound for Coeur d’Alene.

It was Memorial Day weekend so the cemeteries were displaying their patriotic colors!

Being a motorcyclist, I found the roads that looked like the most fun for a motorcycle and driving my mom’s Honda CVR was nearly as much fun. Nearly…
In the town of Colfax we saw this beautiful car in the Dodge showroom. It was like a trip back in time.

My friend Karetta, will never tell!!

This is when you know you are on vacation…

My brother lives in Spokane and he met us along with his youngest son, for breakfast at his hometown airport, the day of the wedding.

The old airport

Airport clock

The airport welcome Captain. 😉

The reason we were in Coeur d’Alene…
What an amazing setting for a wedding!

My beautiful cousins, bride Michon and sister Carrie!!

This was truly one of the most elegant weddings I have ever attended!

One of my favorite shots with the bride and maid of honor through the wine glasses. A fortuitous moment, for sure!

We stayed at the overpriced Coeur d’Alane Resort. I don’t recommend it for any reason, other than the gorgeous area views if you are lucky enough to get a view room. Our however had a great view of the roof. This was a room that goes for $279 a night. Ridiculous and frustrating. But it didn’t dampen the spirit of the wedding.

Our trip home was a straight though shot, but not without a couple of nice scenic sidelines.
Sprague is an awesome little historic town right off the freeway, with great hamburgers!! Sorry no food porn!

Parked in front of the diner…wow!! My mom is always so quick even the camera can’t catch her! 😉

The town of Sprague

More trucks…

Look at this beauty!

On Memorial Day, the town was pretty quiet.

But there were still trains running through the middle of town.

Love these old signs…

The next few days were spend hanging with my mom Karetta and my sister in Portland, OR. I also got to see my grandsons, which is always fun. This was a very nice trip though not on a motorcycle, we still took roads less traveled and experienced doses of the “real” America. 😉

Riding the World…2012

Every year I like to do a culmination slide show of the year of riding. This year I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride with one of my best pals, Tyler Risk. We did a 3500 mile ride up to the great Northwest and Canada in the summer, seeing some absolutely gorgeous country and wonderful friends. Me, a mostly solo rider, totally enjoyed my time with Tyler, sharing motel rooms and stories and having what I would consider a wonderful “girly” escape. The only thing we lacked was some spa time and we’ll have to remedy that this year. Upon our return to CA, Tyler got this lovely shot up on a ridge somewhere above Hwy 299 near Red Bluff. Look at that amazing sky!!

I also went twice to the Southwest, once going as far as Amarillo, TX. Those trips both were about 3500 miles each. And my other noted weekend ride was the Pashnit Girly Ride with an amazing bunch of women riders. We toured the Northwest corner of CA, consumed libation and ate wonderful food. What a group of hooligans, one of which I am proud to be part!

My last journey involved riding to Solvang to view the motorcycle museum there. What an adorable little town and the museum was simply amazing and if you love antique motorcycles, it’s a must see!!

All in all this year held nearly 15,000 miles of smiles, but a bit less that my usual year of riding. Guess I’m more easily homesick these days and missing my amazing husband who supports my moto-wanderings around the country. I am fortunate to have this dream of touring North America come to fruition. It’s a life I would never trade for anything else…well, that is unless it involved touring the entire world! 😉

I do hope you enjoy this year’s video presentation. Be sure to select the HD mode. It’s a much cleaner copy!

Riding the World…2012 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

For your enjoyment, here are the links to the last two years of moto slide shows.

Riding the World…2011 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

Riding the World…2010 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

Part 5–California Chicks Converge on Canada

I awoke early on Castlegar departure morning to look out side and see that torrents of rain had taken over the outer world. The ground had rivers running across it and I knew this was definitely going to be a test of my FirstGear riding suit. I have no rain gear per se but the Kilimanjaro jacket and my pants were both supposed to be rain proof. Well, I guess I’ll be finding that out!

As we loaded the bikes, everyone seemed in fair spirits, regardless of the weather. It was a fun time, and now it was time to head home and everyone was ready to deal with whatever was out there! There was lots of laughter and good cheer, pack patting and hugging. What a wonderful event.

Tyler is really good about gassing up at night, but me, not so much. So off to the Shell station in the pouring rain. I have to mention, that I had forgotten to call my bank and let them know I was out of the country, so my debit and credit card were blocked. Luckily I had some cash so this was not a problem, but it did take a phone call from Canada to sort it out. Note to self: don’t forget to call the bank when touring!
Several miles out of Castlegar, the rain finally began to lighten up. The first miles were horrid, with cloud cover falling low over the horizon and lots and lots of rain, but the silver lining was I was warm and dry in my FirstGear suit with my heated liner cranking away. I swear, I would not be able to ride if it wasn’t for my Gerbing. I am such a weather wimp!

Christina Lake was finally where the rain stopped.

We proceeded across the border effortlessly at the Danville crossing. I was ever so glad to be back home, even though I had a wonderful time seeing friends and flawless country. There is just an unexplained feeling when you once again cross back into your own country, even with those darned clouds!

The river along Hwy 21 in Washington.

A little valley before we switched to Hwy 20 and stopped in Republic for lunch.

Funny thing, we met some of the FJR riders in Repbulic. Of course we did!

The rest of our journey that day was skirting rain storms. It seemed to be the theme of the ride, but I have to admit, some of the cloud formations were truly something.

As pretty as the Hwy 97/2 were the traffic was becoming unbearable. The closer we got to Leavenworth, the destination for the day, the less patient I was becoming. It’s not good, but still pretty.

Tyler discovered the inner “poser” in me.

I saw this on Hwy 97 before we got to Selah. It’s not a great shot by any means, but it cracked me up. My favorite is always antique fruit!

I was thrilled to arrive in Leavenworth and have my brother there awaiting our arrival. Look at all that stuff that came off our bikes!! It’s amazing since I think I take so little!

My brother Bruce and his son Michael with their beautiful new Triumph!

Tyler got this family portrait of us.

Tyler shot some lovely shots of Leavenworth.

Tyler also met her father in Leavenworth. I thought this was a fantastic photo of the two of them!

Our plan was to leave Leavenworth after breakfast and good byes and ride the back side of Mt. St. Helen’s, but like usually the best laid plan can often go awry when motorcycling.

Hwy 12 was a lovely ride only it did have lots of log trucks!

Hwy 12 was well worth the diversion as we were about to find out.

Forest Service Road 25 was closed due to mudslides. Grrrrr, I was again not to visit Mt. St. Helens or riding the road I have heard so much about. *sigh*

Now doesn’t that look like a good little road??

The rest of our ride into Portland was a bit mundane to say the least. After careful map perusing and speaking to the locals, we discovered there was nothing else open between Randel and Portland except the freeway. Oh goodie!!

In Longview we decided this was in order so that we could possibly miss some of the 5 o’clock traffic of the Portland/Vancouver area.

We weren’t spared the PDX traffic even at 6:30. It took a bit of patience for me, since I adore lane splitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I desired throwing caution to the wind, but realized I’d probably have some serious explaining to do, to say nothing of scaring drivers! I arrived at my mom’s home around 7:15 to a cold Martini!

Onward to Canada, Two California Chicks Converge on Canada!

I am unsure why, but this has been the longest it has taken me to put together a ride report of a recent journey. Whether it was the thought provoking visit with my aging dementia ridden father the first day, or the fact I spent nearly every evening visiting with my riding buddy giving absolutely no thought to an impending ride report. Regardless of the reason, I have been home several days now, gone through my photos, and decided this was indeed an amazing ride though intermittedly laced with its share of cloudy skies and wet pavement. The time had come to get writing about riding!

What made this a great ride had nothing to do with the weather, but the fact that I was accompanied by an amazing woman, a triumph of woman flesh, a spiritual healer with one hell of a sense of humor. Tyler would be an asset to any ride, with her kind nature and glass half full attitude. There were days she shamed me, as I bitched incessently about the crappy gray skies, or nasty traffic, but by the end of the day she made me glad to be alive and in her company. My life on this ride was richer with her in it, and this coming from a solo traveler, speaks volumns. I guess it can be said that, Tyler rocks!!

This was Tyler’s journey and I was along for the ride. I knew there were a few spots along the way, that would be stops for her, like visiting the angels that brought her back from the next world, when she was run over by a semi on her FZ1 only three years prior. And here she is, riding her Can Am Spyder, touring with me. Amazing.

The tour began the same day for us both but from different points of entry. I from Sacramento and Tyler from the Bay Area. She decided to ride Hwy 88 over the Sierra Nevada mountains, leaving me to high tail I80 to Reno to visit my father in his assisted living center. My dad now a shadow of what he once was, had been a cowboy, contractor, Christmas tree cutter, and womanizer. The latter made me crazy, but that fact contributed to the man he became. He rode life hard, drank skads o’ booze and lost himself along this journey. He is now paying the high price for a life lived, as his memory clouds all the facts of his once rich lifestyle. He knows me most of the time, and others mixes me up with my brother, or my sister. He rarely mentions our mother or any other relatives. He is the last of the line of a CA Portuguese family. Having 7 brothers and sisters, he stands solo now, having lost them all. It’s sad in many ways, and there are days, I simply don’t want to deal with it. But this was not one of those days, I was visiting Dad then meeting Tyler in Winnemucca, NV. It was a humble day, a thoughtful day, but a day that was also silver lined.

My father and Shuman as well as an old friend, Cowboy. Shu from the Washoe tribe, was raised by my dad and is as close to a brother as my brother! Don’t we make a team. Dad doesn’t look like dad, but I suppose we’ll all be there someday.

This is the image I keep in my head of my father standing in the kitchen of his dreamed and built home. I keep this image safe and always available. This is how I choose to always remember my dad.

One must say that miles of this will keep your mind clear, or dazed. You choose, but today it was clearing for me.

Arriving in Winnemucca red hot afternoon embers glowed. The ever inviting motel pool called to me personally and I couldn’t get into it quick enough. While soaking in the cool pool, I hear someone yell, TYLER! No way, am I delirious? We are in Winnemucca, NV and someone undoubtedly knows Tyler. I am astounded, but not amazed. The world continues to grow smaller.

We had a group dinner with Dave and Diane, an FJR rider and his wife, on their way to Castlegar, for the same function that drew Tyler and myself. We were riding different routes, but the destination remained the same. It was an awesome night of laughter and friendship, making a fit end to a emotionally charged day. Tomorrow onward to Boise, ID to visit what I have come to call, Tyler’s angels.
Dave and Diane at our motel in Winnemucca.

The ride to Boise was long, hot and WINDY! If you have ever ridden in NV, you understand the kind of wind of which I am speaking. Gusts try to rip one off the desert floor and tumble you, like a weed. There is nothing quite like it on a motorcycle, especially the gas stops where just keeping the pump in the gas tank takes manuevering. We had a couple of humorous stops, one involving the Shell station owner in Jordan Valley, OR named Jim. Jim made our afternoon with entertaining tidbits about the area. Don’t pass the Shell station when passing through Jordan Valley on Hwy 95. Be sure to say “YO” to Jim from Tyler and Donna.

This started a theme for the entire journey…I believe she is saying, WHY?

I was saying that there were many who would not even know what Ethyl was at a gas station. Then my husband saw the photos and asked, “what’s Ethyl?” Wow, am I that much older??

We couldn’t resist this reflection.

I believe the wind and miles of nothing were finally getting to Tyler.

I spotted this phonebooth with the book “Steps to Christ” attached. I was certain had there been a phone, I could put a call in to him. 😉

The terrain was finally beginning to look different. I guess we were nearing the Oregon border.

This Rome, seems not to be in Italy.

Jim and Tyler at the Shell Station in Jordan Valley, Oregon.

OK, we’ve crossed Nevada, a corner of Oregon and now we are in Idaho and it still looks like NV?? Go figure…

I seemed to be looking a little pensive in the wind and sun, but Tyler shot an awesome photo, even with my grimace!

After a long HOT day of riding, we finally made Boise, ID. 😉

2011…Riding the World, my end of year slide show!

Another awesome year of motorcycling comes to an end, but there will always be next year! I do hope you enjoy seeing where I’ve been as much as I’ve enjoed going…well almost as much! 😉

Cheers and Happy Holidays to you all!!