Well…my Suzuki mechanic at PCP Motorsports called me today to let me know what he discovered was wrong with my bike since it wouldn’t start on my way home from Streetmasters. The conversation went sort of like this…
“Hey Donna, how’s your afternoon?”
Uh fine. So do I need to be sitting down?
“Well, you know those aftermarket levers you installed? You can’t have the clutch lever set to one as it does’t engage the clutch”.
So what exactly does that mean?
“Well, your bike didn’t register that the clutch was engaged so it wouldn’t start. We adjusted it and there’s no charge. Don’t set it below 2”.
So what am I gonna owe you for this intensive diagnostic?
“Well, we drink Corona”.

So, I get the stupid award and they get a 12 pack of cerveza. Life tends to be fair…:)

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